Top 10 Things About Kindergarten

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Today is my son’s first day of Kindergarten, and he is really excited. My wife, on the other hand has been a wreck all weekend. I have been thinking back to my early childhood school days, and although I am sure I was scared on that first day, I went on to thoroughly enjoy school and all the fun things that go with it. Here are my top 10 favorite things of kindergarten;

1. Recess. This is a no-brain-er. Every kid loves to play, and you don’t have to be able to tell time to know when it is recess.

2. Learning to read. It sounds like an obvious thing, but going from being read to and being able to read on your own opens up a whole world to a child. I loved to read. Little did I know that this would be the one thing I also hated about going to college. Too much to read, not enough time to get it all done.

3. Duck Duck Goose. This simple kids game was my favorite. Boy, could I run fast, and could play this game all day long. If you aren’t familiar with the game, you all sit in a circle, and one person is “it” and they walk around the circle patting each kid on the head saying “duck”. If your head is tapped and they say duck, you do nothing. If they say “goose” you get up fast as you can, and try to tag the person that was “it” before they make it around the circle and sit down in your empty spot. Now you are it and the game begins again. Great idea to the teacher that came up with this one.

4. Lunch Boxes. I got to pick out my own lunch box every year. Now I was the third of four children, and almost everything I owned was handed down from my two older brothers. This was one thing I had complete control of, and I made the most of it. I remember my Hot Wheels lunchbox, and I always thought the thermos was the best part. Actually, the “treats” were the best part, which consisted of either a twinkie, ding-dong, or these things called Zingers. Now that was a treat.

5. Reading out loud. This is when I started my lifelong mission of showing off. I would always volunteer to read first, last, long paragraphs, whatever. I still like to read out loud. I hope my son shares my enthusiasm toward reading out loud. Time will tell.

6. Walking to school with my mom. We only lived 4 blocks from school, and my mom would always walk me to school. Unless it was raining, and we still wanted to walk in the rain, she would drive us to school. I’m sorry she didn’t live long enough to share this with my wife and I.

7. Fire Drills. Remember how loud that bell would ring? We always knew what to do, and no one ever paniced, because we thought they were always only a drill. Line up on the black top, and you would brag to your friends in the other class that your class got out faster.

8. The big reading rug. My kindergarten class had a big round rug that we would all gather around when our teacher would read stories to us. Sounds silly, but that was just very comforting to me.

9. Projects. I loved playing with clay, crayons, markers, and most of all finger paints. I don’t have any of my childhood works of art, but knowing my wife, we will be able to open an art gallery by the time my son is learning to drive. He is only 5, and I would bet we have over 10,000 pictures of him already. I am not kidding.

10. Making friends. I know every parent hopes their kid doesn’t have a hard time making friends. I never did, and that trend still continues today. Teach them to be nice, play well with others, and if another kid is being pushy or a bully just teach your child to walk away and find some one else to play with that plays nice. That is unless your kid is the bully, and hopefully they will figure out why no one likes them before they get through elementry school and are on their way to their first meeting with their parole officer.

Good luck, Parents with young children. Enjoy this moment, because if you blink you may miss it.
The next thing you know, they are off to college and life will never be the same. Now I am sounding like my parents. I guess I did learn a few things since kindergarten.


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