Red Light Cameras added to Mira Mesa Blvd. & Westview Pkwy.

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This is a warning to drivers on Mira Mesa Blvd: Red lights mean stop. Not adhering to this simple warning could cost you a minimum of $436 if you are caught running one of the stoplights with the newly installed camera system, like the ones on Mira Mesa Blvd. and Westview Parkway.

The cameras take photos of the front and back of violators’ vehicles and shoot 12 second video snippets of the infraction, which are triggered by roadway sensors that activate when a traffic light turns red. You may have seen the strobe light flashing at the car in front of you as you stopped at the red light, but the car in front of you raced through it.

The city is saying “Cha-Ching! Here comes another $436 check in the mail.” The system was designed to increase traffic safety, while many motorists see this as just another revenue stream for the city. If you break the law beware: Big Brother is watching you, and he wants your money!

Now there are two different locations that have the stoplight cameras in Mira Mesa, one set at the intersection of Mira Mesa Blvd. and Westview Parkway, and one set on the west end of Mira Mesa at Mira Mesa Blvd. and Scranton Road. Both have been placed there due to the volume of traffic, and the close proximity to the 15 and 805 freeways.
Our goal is to keep you informed, and help make the community safe for everyone. Hopefully this will save you from getting an expensive ticket in the process.


One Comment on "Red Light Cameras added to Mira Mesa Blvd. & Westview Pkwy."

  1. Jeannieann Galambos on Tue, 24th Mar 2009 6:40 pm 

    Thanks for the information. This is definitely one lesson you don’t want to learn and if you must, better learn it only once.

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