Maddox Park – The Only Dog Park in Mira Mesa

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Have you been to all the different parks in Mira Mesa? I am sure that you know of the Mira Mesa Community Park , which is connected to the Gil Johnson Recreation Center. There are 3 Baseball Fields, Outdoor Basketball Courts, Indoor Basketball Courts, Playground Structures for the kids, and more. This is the best place to spend the 4th of July, both for the Day at the Park festivities and also to view the fireworks. But where do you go if you have a dog that needs a little outdoor exercise? There is only one park that has a gated area specifically for your dog to run without a leash. This is Maddox Park, at 7825 Flanders Drive.

On a recent visit to Maddox Park, there were half a dozen dogs of all sizes running around having a great time. There was a table for the owners to sit at and visit within the confines of the dog run. While the surrounding park had ample grass covered areas to play football, and a nice area for the kids to climb and swing on the swing sets, I believe the best feature of this park is for the dog owners of Mira Mesa that need a place for their pets to run off of their leashes.

Owners seem to be respectful of others sharing the park, as each owner is responsible for cleaning up after their pet. Dogs are also required to be on their leashes upon exiting the dog run enclosure.
There is plenty of parking on the street right in front of the park on Flanders Drive. If you haven’t been to Maddox Park with your dog, I encourage you to check it out and let the big dog run!


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  1. Priscilla Hurd on Sun, 18th Jan 2009 8:01 am 

    We need to fix Maddox park! The playground equipment is so outdated and old. Also, the park’s so large that it could stand some nice shade trees (although with the city concerned about water these days, maybe this is not an option). Anyway, I would just like to see at least the playground equipment get upgraded since it’s still the metal kind that gets rusty. There are other parks that I take my son to in the area, but it would be nice if Maddox got the new equipment it deserves. I suppose I should be writing our City Council members about this. Anyway, just my two cents! I agree, the dog area is a nice place to go to run your dogs.

  2. Amy Vaughn on Mon, 26th Jan 2009 11:06 pm 

    The City of Mira Mesa needs to step up and take pride in our parks. Maddox Dog Park has the potential to be a great place but the city is not keeping up with it’s maintenance. The last three times I’ve taken my dogs the park has been closed. Mud holes and dead grass lead me to believe there is a drainage problem. I’ve stopped going because of these problems.

    It’s a great lot of land in a great location but is not being used to it’s max potential. I’d love to see the City Council members step up and address this issue.

  3. Dr.Mrs.shaheen on Wed, 4th Feb 2009 8:39 am 

    Dear manager,
    I am a visitor in San diego.I am staying with my son at summerset apartments. I am fond of walking and spending time in a park in the evening so I visit Maddox Park daily.I am sory to say that the park is in a pathetic condition.I recommend a few improvments that could make it more useful and enjoyable.
    1.The grassy fields need weeding and moving regularly.
    2.Some trees need to be planted on the sides.
    3.The wild bushes growing on the hilly side of it has be trimmed and cleaned.
    4.The broken swings have to be repaired.
    5.Some more modern swings to be added.
    6.Drinking water equipment is needed.
    7.Lights are v much required esp for those who want to visit the park late in the evening .
    8 If flowers are grown on the sides ,they will improve the looks tremendously.
    I hope to see the park in a better shape before I leave for my country.

  4. Mark Smith on Wed, 4th Feb 2009 11:36 am 

    I see a trend here, and I agree that the playground area and field are in need of attention and repair. Often the public doesn’t voice their concerns until it is too late. I will forward this information on to the people who can hopefully do something about it. Still, it is our community, and we must all do our part to make things better.

    That means cleaning up after your pet, or yourself for that matter. Don’t litter, and keep the area clean for others to enjoy. Discourage vandalism and report suspicious activity to the police. Simply put, get involved and help make a difference.

    Now adding lights and drinking fountains are a major expense, and with the city budget in such turmoil, it isn’t likely that those are very high on the priority list of things that must get done. We must find funding on our own.

    I would suggest a little creativity: have a neighborhood meeting and contact the local schools to do a “plant a tree” event. Go to the meetings of the Park & Recreations Committee and voice your concerns. Try the Town Council, but you must get involved. It is one thing to sit on a fence and complain, but I find it more rewarding to get out and make a difference.

  5. Michael Kelly on Sat, 19th Sep 2009 10:50 am 


    I am a first time dog parent, my boxer is almost two years old and we have been going to Maddox Park almost every day since she was 5 months old. There are some wonderful people, and dogs, that visit Maddox. This Friday saw the return of Potluck Friday, where residents bring food and their dogs to socialize and relax. A core group of dog lovers has been going there for many years (morning and night); they fill up water jugs, replace sod and put doggie dropping bags out for people.

    Last night I noticed that summer was waning and with it the evening light. I am interested in starting a Maddox Park Dog committee made up of people interested in improving and maintaining the park. This would involve fund-raisers and working with the San Diego Parks and recreation division to install or update equipment in and around the park such as: installation of solar powered street lights; installing dog powered (tongue) water fountains; and building a section for small dogs to run free. These are just some suggestions that I have come up with based on talking with other owners.

    San Diego’s General Plan focuses on the creation of a City of Villages, and I have realized that the only way that plan can come to fruition is by involving the citizens of each community. I have lived in San Diego for nine years and adopted it as my home away from home (Germany). For many years I took advantage of what San Diego has to offer, now I want to give back.

    Do you have any suggestions or contact information for those of us who want to form a committee to improve both the Maddox dog park and its surroundings?

    Thank you so much,

    Michael Kelly

  6. Gina Karl on Fri, 25th Sep 2009 9:47 am 

    I’ve been bringing my dog here for about 6 months on an off again. Some times the experience is wonderful other times it is by far the worst dog park ever. Some owners here seem to think that it is ok to hang out by the trees in the back and socialize with other people and not keep an eye on there dogs. These dogs tend to be aggressive and out right attack smaller dogs and children. The owners tell you to push there dog off of your own dog or child but from my experience I am not going to touch a dog that is trying to bite because they can turn on you. Alot of owners here do not take proper responsibility for there dog and consider this park to be a baby sitter for there dog. From now on I am taking my dog to another park, 1. to not have to deal with aggressive dogs and irresponsible owners and 2. so that my dog does not learn the aggressive behavior that is present here. There have even been posting here that a large dog almost killed a small dog and to keep an eye out for this owner. (the small dog had to have numerous surgeries and the owner was posting a warning to all.) To me this “dog park” may appear nice and tiny from the outside but it lacks on many levels compared to others in San Diego county.

  7. anna mae on Sat, 24th Oct 2009 7:24 am 

    I’ve been there many times as well, I’ve seen quite enough to know not to bring my dog there during busy hours (after work). I’ve seen an unneutured pit bull attack a child in the face, then watch the owners turn around and choke the dog. I’ve also seen a german shepard bite the hand of another owner (holes and blood everywhere!). Next thing you know my dog is also being mauled by a pit mix. I’ve never heard a dog scream a high pitch c-note before. Lets just say i had 20 dog owners running towards my dog.

  8. Mrs. Reid on Wed, 11th Nov 2009 7:18 pm 

    I took my 6 mo pup (40 pounds) there recently, after work busy hours. I must agree with Gina that some dogs are not trained enough to “play nice” with puppies and smaller dogs. Plain irresponsibility of the owners. ONE unfriendly dog amongst well-behaved 20 is one too many. Most dog owners are very nice and keep an eye on pups and smaller dogs and stop aggressive dogs no matter who these dogs belong to……..which is very nice, but every single dog owner needs to understand their own dogs’ behavior and NOT bring their dogs to the public dog park until trained to play nice. Pay a trainer if necessary as soon as such a behavior is observed, else keep those dogs at home please! Interestingly “unfriendly” dogs’ owners engage themselves in chats or even drinking beer and not watch their own dogs. Well-behaved dogs’ owners naturally keep a close eye on them. No wonder many trainers and breeders consider public dog parks a “dog ghetto”.

    The enclosed area is okay and kept clean by users. But muddy areas are present. So be prepared to have a muddy dog paws and get dirty. There are COUNTLESS dog poops right by the sidewalk; I’m not sure if they come from dog park users or dogs walking by. I’m within a walking distance to the park, but no way I’d walk there again with an excited puppy who is still overly happy with “new stuff”. It seems like the area is flooded with irresponsible dog owners.

  9. RReid on Wed, 30th Dec 2009 1:51 am 

    Dog owners may clean after their dogs, but that’s about the extent of how responsible they are. This is the worst dog park in San Diego, full of aggressive dogs and irresponsible owners who do not correct the dogs or leave the park. You’d be surprised to know how many dogs and people have been hurt in this place. Non-aggressive dogs will learn to be aggressive in their defense by using this park. Please visit the park with your dog again a couple of more times, Mark, about 5 PM or on a weekend. It’s quite rare to see people correct a dog that intimidates smaller/younger/non-aggressive dogs, and it requires an actual bad fight or blood before people step in. Respect other people and dogs? Think not. Too many don’t have enough common sense or knowledge in dog behavior to even respect safety there. Hospital bills, vet bills, and unnecessary bad behaviors learned in this dog park are too big a gamble for people who want a docile family dog. Please try another dog park if safety is important to you.

  10. Dog Lover on Mon, 10th May 2010 7:55 am 

    I didn’t jump on the anti-pitbull bandwagon until yesterday. My large dog was mauled by a recently neutered brown and white spotted pitbull/mix. The owner of the pit let its dog lock its jaws on our dog and then ripped his head away all the while punching our dog in the face. By the time they were trying to separate the dogs our dog had given up on protecting himself. Then they threatened to kill us after their dog did the damage. . They wouldn’t even calmly discuss the situation with us or give us their contact info. $600 and tons of stitches later we have no recourse. Until pitbulls and their classy owners get banned from this park, we will not be returning. And anyone with a small dog or child is risking the little guys life by taking it there. It’s a shame because we have been going to this park for years and our dog begs us to take him to socialize there. We’ll have to find a better treat for him. Too bad the few bad eggs spoil things for the rest of us.

  11. Terry Ellison on Wed, 12th May 2010 5:37 pm 

    This dog park is the best. Sure, there are issues but that comes with the territory – you get all types of people that make up your community. That’s what makes it great. Neighbors making new friends as their dogs frolick in the park. This park is for the dogs and all dogs that come here seem to have a great time. A group of us take our dogs on a pack walk behind the dog park, it’s a great experience for you and your dog and it reinstates the pack leader mentality with your dog. People who come with bad attitudes will have a bad day period. By the way, dog fights can break out with dogs anywhere (agressive and non-agressive dogs). They have bad days too, owners need to be aware of their own dogs queues of what will set them off and to stop the behavior before it gets out of hand. It shouldn’t reflect badly on the park, just on bad pet owners. There is a core group of us who spend a lot of time and energy in the park, we do little maintenance jobs and so yes if we ask you to please pick up after your pet, we aren’t being rude just asking you to be responsible. Every dog poops, even the little ones so be responsible and pick up after your pet.

  12. Daniel T Smith on Thu, 30th Sep 2010 7:05 pm 

    Dear, Dog Lover…. The brown and white pit, is actually a lab and pointer and American Bull mix. If I recall… your dog repeatedly mounted my dog. My dog Buddy, plays it off by spinning around and putting his butt in air and his chest low to the ground. After a few attemps by your dog to mount buddy your dog started growling at him. I said “will you please make your dog stop growling at my dog”. You said, “its nature, they’ll work it out”. I said “I dont like it”. You stood there with your arms crossed. I got the impression from your attitude that “my dog is bigger than yours, if they fight… they fight, you do not care”. I did not want my dog to learn aggression. I did what I could to keep the dogs seperate because your dog was bigger than mine. I didn’t want my dog to get hurt. When my dog was even in the area of your dog… your dog came over to mine. My dog continued to play it off until your dog started pushing my dog with his chest and growling at at him. I didnt like so I grabbed your dog’s colar and pulled him back. I weigh 135lbs. your ninety pound dog lunged at mine and bit him on the side of the head and didn’t let go for a few seconds. I punched your dog because he would not let go. When he did my dog was now angry and went for yours. My dog wieghs 70lbs. I did my best to keep them both seperate. You stood there. My dog now had a hold of your dogs ear. I put my dog in the choke hold to seperate them. At that time your dog bit my arm and it scared me so I pulled back. I saw your dog sink his teeth into my arm and saw my blood. When buddy saw that, he attacked your dog. He growled so loud and deep. I did not know what to do so I grabbed my dogs colar and pulled with all of my might to get him back and yelled at him. I had to assert some fear into them by being agressive, to take control of the situation. because you did nothing. When we were leaving you said my dog was agressive and I need to train him. You said that your dog is an alpha male and he needs to mount other dogs so I should train mine. I said, train my dog to do what…. get humped. My dog played it off as long as he could. Your dog bit mine. My wife has been speaking english for less than a year and she said what popped into her head. “I will kill you” She probably saw it in a movie. She was wrong to say that. You said I’ll call the police and I agreed that we should. I’m thinking you didn’t because you saw my arm bleeding from your dog. I offered you my phone number. I lost sleep because of that incident and did not return for a long time. It scared me and my wife quite abit. Our dog is very sweet and we live in a dog loving neighborhood. If you reply to this we will meet and knock on all of my neighbors doors and they will all say that he has never even barked at another dog. That is true. I have never heard him even bark at another dog or cat. He has never shown aggression until that day. I am proud of that dog for standing up for me when an aggressive dog at the dog park locked onto my arm. I have both pictures and scars of the both of us from that day. I really want to discuss what “really” happened.

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